Menstrual cups can take a few tries to figure out. Once you get it, you won’t want to go back.

We’re here to share our best tips and tricks.

First, watch this video where our main product designer Rebecca, explains the product features of the Tampax Cup.

Inserting The Cup

Wash your hands

Fold Your Cup

There are many folding techniques, but we like the “C”, the “7”, and the “punch-down” the best.




Get Ready

Sit down on the toilet or stand with your knees apart and slightly bent.

Insert the Cup

Insert your folded cup into your vagina. Aim towards your tailbone (behind you). The cup will open before it is fully inserted, but continue to insert until the stem is about 1/2 inch (about to your first finger knuckle) above your vaginal opening.

Check the Seal

Make sure your cup has fully opened to avoid leaks. There are two ways you can check:

  • Rotate your cup clockwise or counterclockwise – you should feel a small suction sensation as the cup opens.

  • Run your finger around the rim of the cup to ensure it is open. Tug gently on the stem. If you feel resistance – it’s open fully.

Removing The Cup

Removing your cup can also take a few tries at first. Don’t stress though, the cup CANNOT get lost inside of you.

Wash your hands

Feel for the Cup

Insert your fingers into your vagina and feel for the stem of the cup. Don’t pull on it yet!

Bear Down and Pinch the Base

Push the cup towards the entrance of your vagina using your abs, like rising form a squat. Pinch the base (not the stem) and while pinching pull the cup out of your vagina.

Empty the Contents

You can use a drain or toilet.

Clean Your Cup

Here’s how to clean your cup. During your cycle and between each cycle.

Pro Tip! A lot of people like to remove their cup when they’re taking a shower for a totally mess free change. Especially useful for when you’re getting the hang of it.

You can wear a TAMPAX Cup for up to 12 hours - even overnight.

If you normally use a light, regular or super tampon, we recommend you use TAMPAX Cup Regular Flow. If you normally use a super plus or ultra-tampon, we recommend you use TAMPAX Cup Heavy Flow. You can trim the stem of the cup to a length that’s most comfortable for you.

It's made from 100% medical-grade silicone and 0% dyes, perfume, BPA, or latex.

Each TAMPAX Cup comes with a BPA-free (Tested by GALAB Labs, 2018), aerated, hard-shell carrying case to store and protect your cup in between uses.

Inspect your cup regularly for signs of degradation and odour and replace as needed. We suggest replacing your cup every year, but when cared for properly, your TAMPAX Cup can last for years to come.