Tampax Cup Heavy


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We didn’t invent the menstrual cup, we just want to perfect it. We know small details can make a big difference for your best period protection, and comfort motivated every choice we made. Tampax Cup is co-designed with a female OB-GYN to fit more women more comfortably.

The SoftCurve™ shape provides a snug, soft fit that reduces pressure on your bladder so you get up to 12 hours of Comfort-Fit protection for your period. Tampax Menstrual Cup is made of 100% medical grade silicone and is 0% dyes, perfume, BPA or latex.

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What’s Different?


Tampax cup is shorter than most on the market to improve comfort for those whom other menstrual cups are too long


Robust rim allows the cup to open easily and stay in place, even during a morning sweat session or belly laugh


Tampax cup's 100% medical grade silicone was selected for softness and comfort, while the design of the cup gives it the strength to protect against leaks for up to 12 hours

Body Shape

SoftCurve base is less round and designed to stay in place while reducing pressure on your bladder


Extra grips along the base help to ease removal


The Tampax cup comes with a compact case that's durable and discreet


Tampax cup is sized by flow, because flow is more closely related to vagina size than age.